Snap Shot of Safari

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I could do several posts about my safari trip and I have enough animal photos to start my own nature magazine but I'm going to restrain myself and just put up a few things. So here's a snap-shot of my week-long Safari in Northern Tanzania.

Its the people you travel with who make the trip. I'm so glad I had two friends who burst into random songs and ran hilarious animal commentary through out the trip.

Our guide/driver was very knowledge but also went along with all our bits, including the adoption of swahili animal safari names (I was Duma which means cheetah). I wish I could have brought our cook back to Dar with us. Some of the best food I've had in Tanzania!

Did you know that Elephants are careful when drinking from standing water because they are afraid of getting frogs stuck up their trunk. They prefer to dig down to drink so this doesn't happen.

Running giraffes are just about the most graceful thing ever. And I'm pretty sure that legally blonde stole the whole 'bend and snap' thing from giraffes drinking. Also they fight with their necks... which is a bit weird.

The swahili word for zebra literally means striped donkey. They are also the most nervous animal and would get randomly spooked even when the jeep parked and not moving.

Cheetah have it hard. They don't have night vision or retractable claws like other cats. So they can't climb trees or at night.

Hyena's seem pretty harmless. We even had them in our camp a couple nights raiding the kitchen. However, after watching them take down a wildebeest I find them a lot more scary.

All the parks were beautiful, but this view over Ngorongoro crater was my favourite.

And of course there were lions. This was one of three big males that walked right by us as we were heading out of the jeep.

I was actually a bit nervous about doing a 7 day trip. I thought I'd might have gotten bored with animals but it was great to have so much time and be able to really sit and watch the animals just go about their lives. Definitely a truly memorable experience!


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