Global Solidarity Challenge Returns!

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Last July, I and my good friend @AliaK_ spent one week living on $1.25 a day to raise awareness on poverty and inequality worldwide and raised $1650 for the Victoria International Development and Education Association. It was a crazy week of trying to cook cheap food, feeling pretty hungry and realizing that we both would be very bad at being poor.

The Global Solidarity Challenge is co-ordinated by VIDEA (my Canadian partner organization). For one week, people from all over Canada raise awareness and support for ending extreme poverty.

Your Long Distance Neighbour will be spending five days this week, getting down and dirty in the markets, working alongside women market traders, sharing their stories and learning from their life experience and wisdom. I'm in for some pretty long days and I will try and share as much as I can about my experience with you all through this blog.

My goal is to raise $500 dollars during this challenge. The money that I raise will go to VIDEA to support programs that build partnerships between Canada and local African organizations to end poverty and make a more just and equitable world for everyone.

We hope you are interested in supporting my activities. To donate please visit our Fundraising Page on the Global Solidarity website and help us reach our goal.

Disclaimer:  I do not get any money from this venture nor does this blog. This is just one of the ways I hope to give back the Canadian community and overseas organizations that are supporting me in all my work.  


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