Three Things I Wouldn't Change About How I Live

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Last weekend, I hit the one month point of my return to Tanzania. While I was traveling through Canada, there were a number of things I really missed about Tanzania. Some of them came as no surprise (sun, beach, warmth!), others took me by surprise.

What to Eat?

Before returning to Canada, I really missed the variety of food. But, when I was back home, I actually felt rather overwhelmed by all the choice. I would freeze up trying to make a choice from a menu (and in grocery stores and department stores). Turns out that choice can be overrated and I'm perfectly happy to buy my breakfast from the same Chapati lady everyday I can.   

Nice Place but I Wouldn't Want to Live There

When I first got back to Tanzania, I stayed two weeks in the fancy part of town. This is an area I visit all the time to get a bit of an escape from the crazy city life. The peninsula, as its affectionately known, is full of higher end shops and restaurants and dominated by the expats. However I didn't feel like I was really back in Dar es Salaam until I hit my crazy market neighbourhood - Karikoo. Its all what you're used to I guess and the peninsula feels like a holiday to me, rather than my daily existence.

Love Dar, Hate the Traffic

Transport can be a love/hate relationship but its a rare day I have to wait for a bus. Though sometimes buses take a while to fill-up, at least I can sit down while waiting. And, if you are going to be stuck in traffic, why not be only paying 25 cents? And anyone who follows my twitter feed knows, that some of my favourite/funny moments happen while riding the bus.


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