New Finds in the Online Land of Ethical Fashion

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Sometimes, you have to write the story in front of you. Have been madly trying to figure out a short post I could do as the writing chaos of my job right now is leaving me disinclined to blog. Luckily, a find of a whole bunch of new ethical fashion people on twitter this morning provided me with a little inspiration. I'm taking an easy out today and sharing with you all a list of some of my recent finds in the world wide-web, mostly to do with ethical fashion.

On April 24th, the anniversary of collapse of the Bangladesh Factory, Fashion Revolution is organizing a “Who Made Your Clothes” online event to encourage people to think about where their clothes come from. Participating is simple, photograph the label of at least one item of clothing your wearing with the hashtag #inside! I'll be joining and you should too!

Online ethical fashion, accessory a shop in the UK. It also has a running blog which I really enjoy 

I found this through the blog of {Think} Boutique. This combines my love of mismatching with my love of asymmetry... must own a pair!

Bags, scarves and top. All ethically made and fair-trade out of Nepal. Can personally attest to their products as I got one of their bags for Christmas!

Will be back soon with more Dar stories!


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