Zanzibar: Rain or Shine

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"Rain in the forecast? There's always a chance of rain here but it never does. Bright and sunny all the time...don't worry about it!"

This is the sort of thing that you just know when you say it, will likely come back to haunt you. And it did throughout our Zanzibar weekend. Despite the rain, it was a really great trip and it also matched up with my birthday, which made it pretty special. A complete girls vacation, the group here was joined by two other interns visiting from other countries. Here are some of the highlights.

Our Hotel

We stayed in this gem of a hotel called Tembo recommended by our coworkers. Its was so beautiful inside and out.

Zanzibar Doors

This is something that the town in famous for. These beautiful doors now cost thousands of dollars to get made. But all through stone-town you see them in various states of age, beauty and decay.

Winding Alley Ways

Navigating Stonetown takes some work. Windy alley ways are fun to explore, though not the greatest when you are trying to head somewhere specific. And navigating Stonetown in pouring rain... well that requires a far bit of wading through rivers of water.

Beach Views

The photos say it all.

Sitting out the Rain

And rain by the beach isn't so bad when you have swinging beds to retreat to with your book.

Returning to the real world after all of this was a bit painful. And to top of it all, our return coincided with the five month mark of our trip, which was crazy to think about. However, all in all not a shabby way to celebrate being a year older!


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