Cleaning-Up at Gezaloule Market

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This week's market story is about Gezaloule market. This is a small market in the suburbs of Dar Es Salaam. The market is the local “shopping mall” for the community and it sells everything from dish-ware and furniture to meat, vegetables and cooked food (As a side note its famed in our office for having very good and cheap second-hand clothing).
The food vendors in the market had an ongoing problem with garbage. People in the market were dumping all the garbage behind where the food vendors were working. The women were very concerned because of the health problems created by the garbage dump and also because the terrible smell was negatively impacting their business (after all who wants to eat when they smell rotting garbage?)
EfG started a women's association in the market place this January and garbage was one of the first issues the women decided to tackle. EfG worked with them to help create an advocacy strategy and the group wrote and spoke to the municipal official in charge of the market. After these conversations, the municipal officer agreed to send someone to clean-up the dump and also to arrange for regular garbage pick-up. Last week a team went out and its definitely improving (see pic bellow). 
This is part of a larger struggle on the part of EfG and market women traders to have adequate resources allocated to market maintenance and improvements. All the market traders pay taxes to the municipal government and 10% is suppose to go back into market maintenance but that rarely happens. In fact, no one is exactly sure where all this money ends up. These women are taking the first steps to demand accountability from their local government.


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