Back in the Neighbourhood: New Digs

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I got pretty lucky with my living situation for the next three months. Its right around the corner from where I used to live and I've got two great, new room-mates.

The apartment is on the top floor, which is pretty high up and key because we don't have any air-conditioning. But we do have a great breeze in the evening and you can sit on our balcony and watch the city below.

The apartment is a work in-progress at the moment. Everyone just moved in so furnishing the place is an ongoing effort. If you look at the photos of my old apartment you'll see that a lot of the furniture at the moment are pieces from my old place.

However, unlike my old place, I do have my own room. Though I got quite used to sharing a room; quoting my old room-mate, "I now define privacy as everyone sitting together and not talking". It's not a bad thing to have your own space. I'm enjoying not needing headphones to watch movies and listen to music.

Funny enough, I already have some things that I never got around to buying in my last 6 months (such as curtains). Tonight, I'm venturing out to get a full-length mirror, another item that was much discussed in my last apartment but never actually purchased.

And if I miss my old home, all I have to do is look across the way and there it is!


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