A day off...

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I'm very excited about heading off to a new city, but I also want to spend time enjoying my current city and friends before I go. So this weekend, I thought a little shopping was in order in one of my favourite local neighbourhoods...

Journal of the day...

  1. We all met at Cafe Pamenar for AMAZING croissant and really good coffee
  2. Made my sister try on almost every dress in Bungalow (really it's for her own good, I swear)
  3. Lusted after a vintage Giorgio Armani Jacket that was too big but only $65!
  4. Tried on every hat or fascinator we could get our hands on
  5. Picked a couple of things for going away (keep an eye out for my haul post!)
  6. Got some juicy burgers from The Burgernator
  7. Tried to get into HotDoc's showing of "They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children".. no luck
  8. Settled for Indian takeout and "The Brothers Bloom" instead


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