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It's really hard to talk about ethical living, (or just living for that matter) without talking about food. Food is a serious part of my life. I mean that I LOVE cooking and fresh produce and meat and veg, and pretty much live for farmers markets and the best ingredients I can get my hands on.

With no shortage of produce available just across the street, I started to wonder about the environmental and social impact of that long journey most veggies make to our super markets. most fresh produce (fruit and veg) travels about 2000km (1242mi) from field to plate. This means that when most of your food is grown, it is actually picked before it is ripe, and travels in huge containers filled with ripening agents so it will continue to ripen on its journey. This results in food being..well...less than the delicious stuff it should be. 

This is where Mama Earth Organics comes in.

MamaEarth connects you with amazing local Ontario farmers, bakeries, and food providers. The even better part is that they deliver it all right to your door. You can also check out which farmers MamaEarth works with and see how close your food really is. 

The Baskets

When you sign up, you get to choose what type of basket you get. 
  • Single - $27
  • Regular - $35
  • Family - $45
  • Large - $55
With two of us in the house we decided on the regular basket which they suggest is a good size for two people. When weighing the pros and cons of getting MamaEarth, the only con we could think of was that it at first seems a bit expensive; until we went over our regular grocery bill that is. We discovered that we regularly spend at least $35 a week on produce, and it normally isn't locally grown or organic so we decided it was well worth it. 

How It Works

You can get a good understanding of how the actual process works by checking out the website, but the general idea is that you get a basket (reusable tupperware container) filled with your order. Every week you put the basket outside on your delivery day (which is different depending on where you live) and it will be magically replaced with a new basket filled with goodies!

You can also customize your basket for $2, and add extras to your basket like eggs, cheese, or baked goods (I highly recommend the St. Urbain bagels). 

My Goodies This Week

This week was a great haul with lettuce from Norman Zehr in the Kawarthas, snap peas from Ted Eng in Zephyr and Japanese cucumbers from The New Farm. Knowing the names of the people who are producing your food is actually pretty cool. We also got Ontario beets, broccolette, kale, mango, bosc pears, tomatoes and zucchinis.  

Since getting MamaEarth Organics delivered I have definitely noticed myself eating a ton more vegetables since we make sure everything is eaten up before the next delivery arrives. 

Check our MamaEarth Organics and reinvigorate your diet with some amazing produce and support local farmers and food producers.

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  1. Amazing!!! I can't wait to give this a try! Thanks for the awesome post, Kaila! Keep 'em comin'!