Trilogy Product Review

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The Company

Trilogy is a New Zealand brand. Originally founded by two sisters, it prides itself on creating natural skin products that delivers great skin care results. Amazing things about their company include:

  • First carbon-neutral skin care company in New Zealand
  • Cruelty free
  • Certified as only using natural ingredients
  • Only use the term 'organic' for certified organic ingredients (no false advertising!)
  • Website contains a list of ALL ingredients in their lines, why its included and what products contain it

The Skin

So when you are reading anyone's skin care reviews, my first thought is what is their skin like. I find my skin a bit confusing. If I go to a beauty counter, I'm frequently told I have larger pores and out come the oil control products and deep cleansing product. I have learned the hard and acne-ridden way, that what keeps my skin looking good is actually lots and lots of hydration. So now, I keep deep cleansing to once or twice a week masks, and focus my daily skin care on getting moisture and brightening my skin tone after years of acne scaring. 

But can you really improve your skin tone with an all-natural product? I introduced these products one at a time, to really see what difference they could make.

The Products

I started using just this product first. All I need is 2-3 drops a night, which when you have a 30 ml bottle means a lot of bang for your buck. I think its a total dupe for the Aesop facial oil and half the price. I think this is real source of clearing up my skin tone. Everything from the sun exposure last year to bad scaring from those annoying under the skin zits is fading. At first, I woke up feeling like my skin was a bit oily, but a gentle cleanser in the morning left me with all the results, without an oily finish. 
I was never really sold on all those hydrating mis, but I wanted something light to replace by Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum. Especially when I first started using the facial oil at night, I felt like all I needed in the morning was a little bit of moisture. Now, I layer it with a daily moisturizer for an extra dose hydration. I also like to sprintz my face when I come home from work as a pick-me up. I swear you spray this on your face and your skin gives a sigh of relief.

After about two weeks of using the facial oils, I realized that my skin could also handle a night time moisturizer. In fact, it wanted even more moisture (greedy thing that it is). I just use a little bit of the thick cream at night over top of the oil. This is the other thing I credit with evening out my skin tone. I think its really increased the results over the last couple weeks.

Rosapene Lip-Gloss
There are a lot of moisturizing lip gloss/balm/stains out there these days and I have tried many of them. But I have never used anything like this one. It very much feels and looks like a red tinted lip gloss on, but you can feel it working as a moisturizer the way you would with a balm. I'm very sad to discover they don't make it as a separate product! Its sold with their Rosehip Oil. I would honestly go out an spend money on this. Need to lobby to get it added to the product line!

The Proof It Works

So the final test, isn't what I say but the results! Here is my skin, make-up free, unfiltered and in natural light. Kaila will back me up on this. This is amazingly clear for me! 

I've even switched to using a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. But its not only look. When I run my fingers over my skin, I have very few little bumps of congestion. You wouldn't think that it would be facial oil and moisturizer that would reduce skin congestion, but just goes to show you, that hydration works wonders! 

If you have breakouts or you have scars from breakouts, get your hands on some naturally-based rosehip oil by Trilogy. My skin absolutely loves it!


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