Slow Sleepy Starts to the New Year

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I find it hard to get going in January. I'm not a January person. In fact, its my least favourite month. Its cold, its dark, its post-holiday. So when people talk New Year's resolutions, I usually take a pass. This is not a month for leaping into action. Unless the action involves finishing my Christmas chocolate while watching my favourite movies and tv shows.
However, one of my yoga instructors said something about January that I actually liked (I know that sounds flaky, but hear me out she was brilliant). She said to think of January like a slow awakening. Like when you are lying in bed awake, but not quite ready to get moving. This concept of January I can get behind. I can curl up, make dreamy plans for the rest of the year and know that launching into action can wait.

One of my dream plans for 2015, is to do one 'day trip' or 'weekend trip' a month. Getting out of the city, breath a bit of fresh air, and see this new country I've found myself in.

Of course what with it being January, I couldn't find the energy to a major adventure. But then winter discounts caught my eye and I made a last minute decision to get out to Hampton Court palace while it was still cheap (half-priced entry when you book online until Feb 13th in case you are interested).
If you are someone who feels a bit awkward on solo outings, museums are great. Especially ones with audio guides, because truth be told, everyone is in their own world anyways. Besides, everyone knows the truly cultured people wander museums in their spare time (or something like that). I spent about 3-hours wander the Tudor and William and Anne exhibits with the audio-guide glued to my ear.

Because there were so few visitors and the palace is surrounded by a giant park, it actually did feel like a break from the city. There was a steady drizzle all day (three cheers for English winter), but it cleared in my last hour and I managed to take a brisk walk around the grounds too. I'm not a 'gardens' person but even I can appreciate the symmetry of this sort of architectural garden layout. However, I was much amused by the winter wrapped classic statues, many of which look like they are fighting to escape their white packaging. Break free statue, break free!

More palaces for me next weekend as I'm hoping to get to Kennsington palace on the same half-priced deal. Will likely be all 'royalled' out after that, but the price is hard to resist!


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