Get Up and Dance

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Would you get up at 5:30 am to go to a dance party? I WOULD! And do!

Introducing one of my favourite events I've attended so far in London, Morning Gloryville. The event is a dry rave that is held once a month, on wednesday morning between 6:30-10:30 am. This is not an after-party. Its a chance to rise and shine and dance.

So the getting up part is generally awful (but then I find getting out of bed generally awful). And it was very dark and rainy walk. But you have to ignore the tiny voice that says 'why are you doing this?' and trust it will all be good when you get there.

Here is us pre-dancing. Note: we are tired happy and reasonably put together. We will contrast this to our post-dancing looks later on in this blog.

So Londoners are not morning people (this is the dance floor at 7 am). We were pretty early and people were only just getting going.
But it fills up really quickly and all of a suddent its totally packed full! Dress code for this tends to be somewhere between fancy dress, pajamas, and workout gear. Also dancing on the stage, is highly encouraged.

And so we dance!

And the dancing leads to thirst which leads to smoothies! Green smoothies are the best. Along with the purple smoothies... though the yellow ones are good too. Hey just any smoothy at this point!

And here we are post event! One of us had to leave early because sadly there is that whole work thing we have to do. In contrast to pre-dancing photo, much more disshelved (okay we just going to go there and say really sweaty and messy). And those giddy expressions. Yeah this could easily be an end of a night out photo. That high is all natural my friends! That is what you get when you mix extreme fatigue with 2 hours of dancing early in the morning.

There are morning gloryville events all over the world! See if there is one near you!


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