The Other 40 Hours of My Trip

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So this was quite possibly the longest trip ever. All the flights were overnight but that didn't make it any easier. Here is the summary of the remaining trip.

1. Heathrow Terminal 5 – Its really an international shopping mall more than an airport terminal

2. So I couldn't resist some shopping at Boots for products not available in Canada

3. Dear Old Rainy England

4. Everyone taking advantage of the last bit of free wifi before Africa

5. Waiting at the gate with the Zambian Team. Here we go on our separate ways!

6. Johannesburg airport in the early hours of the morning

7. A very tired and jet lagged group having morning coffee

8. The joy of a good latte!!!

So there are no more photos because beyond this point we could barely stay awake let alone take photos. All posts from now on will be from Tanzania!!!


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