What to Do with a Five Hour Wait in Vancouver

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 1. Catch up on sleep (training was intense and we are all sleep deprived) 
 2. Update blogs (as above we've had no time thus why I look so haggard)
 3. Say last goodbyes to family
 4. Skype with friends while we still have a decent internet connection
 5. Marvel at the fact there are mountains outside the airport (Pearson has nothing on Vancouver)
 6. Eat and drink with the hope it will help us sleep on the plane

After dinner we boarded our 9 1/2 hour overnight flight from Vancouver to Heathrow... and when we landed, totally exhausted, we still weren't even half-way through the trip yet.

They put long distance haul tags on my baggage, I feel a bit like I might need to put one on myself so people know to handle me with care.


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