Christmas Chain Day 2

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Day 2: Pick a Charity and Spread Some Christmas Joy

Okay, I know what you are thinking.

'Hey, I signed up for festive shennenigans and the second thing you mention is give to charity... and you work for charity. Deception is a foot!'

But it is the seasons of giving. Not only that, today is #GivingTuesday. We are joining an international movement (and who doesn't like a good movement)!

As a kid, our annual chrismtas donation was to pick out christmas presents to give away in the local drive. But whether your passion is for local causes or international charities, if there is a charity you've been meaning to make a donation to now is the time to do it.

Or if giving money doesn't work for you this year, how about committing to do some volunteering with a local charity in the new year?

If you still need some inspiration on where to give. These are my recommendations.

My environmental charity choice: The Raven Trust

Becausing supporting indigenous rights and environmental rights is a win/win and they have the best chance of blocking the Kinder Morgan Pipeline.

My local charity choice: Your local food-bank.

Because for me Christmas is all about the food. I'm skip the food pacakage donation and make a straight cash donations so that someone can have a tasty and fresh Christmas supper.

My International charity choice: Africa Educational Trust

Because I am a little biased but I'm also proud to work for them. They hold themselves to such a high standard of practise despite the difficult situations where they run their education programmes. My favourite programme AET runs is called School Mothers. Check it out.

Enjoy the feeling of giving and I'd love to hear who you are supporting this year.


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