Christmas Chain Day 5

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Day 5: Make One Christmas Present

Gift giving and gift making are interwined in my family. I have vivid memories of some Christmases where Mum decided to make almost all the gifts and we wouldn't see her as she madly worked up until midnight in the week before Christmas.

I myself have also suffered from boughts of overenthusiastic gift-making so I advise moderate gift making. Choose one person to make something for.  Making gifts os suppose to be fun, not stressful after all

I'm planning to do a bit of sewing and crafting myself, but if the thought of a sewing machine makes you sweat, it doesn't have to be that complicated even.

For example, One year my room-mates and I baked christmas cookies for all our friends and hand-painted boxes and it was huge fun. With three of us to bake and paint it wasn't too much work for anyone.

I have also come across this list of ethical christmas crafts. I'm very interested in the bath salts:

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  1. This year I have almost finished my hand made gifts - of course that means that there is time to think of even more things to make!!