Triple Threat Body, Skin and Hair Products

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Not going to lie, its hard to keep all the issues in mind when buying ethically. So I try to simplify it as checking three things "Good for the planet, Good for its people, Good for me." That could look a little different depending what I buy. Here's whats on my list so far for checking body, skins and hair products. 

Good for the Planet
There's a lot under this umbrella from sustainability issues and environmental impact. Some of these you have to dig into company ethics but here are some things to flag for yourself and check your labels

SLS/Sulfate Free/DEA Free – The only reason they are added is to make your products foamy and lather better and they require fossil fuels. Skip them, they also dry out your skin anyways.

Paraben/Phthalate/Phosphate Free – will irritate both you and the lakes and rivers. Suppose help increase your products shelf life but just don't buy too far ahead and you'll be fine.

Cruelty Free- testing on animals is bad... enough said

Bio-degradeable/Recycled packaging – reduce, reuse and recycle still holds true

Organic/Sustainable – no harmful practices thank you!

Good for its People

Decent work – We like either locally made (where there are labour laws) or fair-trade/community-trade/direct-trade which ensures people are fairly treated. Check your labels see where things are produced (though this sometimes leaves out other parts of the production chain).  

Checking out company's websites and whether they mention their workers isn't a bad way to check either.

Good for Me

Just because something is an ethical product doesn't mean its a good one. Naturally derived products can still be duds. I've had natural ingredients irritate my skin (no lilac for me!). I don't like shampoo that leaves residue in my hair or weirdly filmy body lotion. I'm also not always a fan of some of the 'natural' fragrances. How it works, how it smells, how it lasts are all still important questions.

There is always new information coming out about what is 'ethical' in a product and ratings can change all the time but here's to doing my best! 


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