Foodies Festival - Entertainment on a Fiver

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This one is cheating a bit, because I was able to swing a free pass, but there were people selling tickets for £5 so I'm counting it.

On Saturday, I went to the Foodies Festival in Clapham Commons. What is a Foodies Festival? Wasn't entirely sure myself, but basically its a bunch of food vendors, food trucks, local food companies where you can sample and buy deliciousness. Here are my top five favourites things from the festival.

1. The minute I entered it quickly became that foodie festival involved about 50% food and 50% alcohol. I think this tells us a lot about the British approach to food. As I'm rapidly learning sunny skies and event a hint of summer weather = Pimm's.

2. A booth all about french goat cheese? Score! Not only did you get to taste a lot of different goat cheese, they gave you wine to taste it with. These are my kind of people. I may have an unholy quantity of goat cheese in my fridge right now.

 3. Sausages... another British staple and star of the Foodie Festival. Sure I could have gone with a fried potatoes on a stick (yes this was a thing), but the amazing 'gourmet hot-dogs' was my option for lunch. I also had the rather shocking experience of finding out the bright yellow mustard container was full of Colman's mustard, not ball-park. This requires very different mustard rationing!

4. For pure visual points, I would like to acknowledge the amazing racks of roasted meat, whole lambs, hogs and vast quatitites pulled porks. We seem to have gone meat crazy. But given it was sunday afternoon it does make for a rather appropriate Sunday roast lunch.

5. And finally, I can't believe the sheer number of people who are willing to queue up to get into a food festival. Seriously by the time we left the line went half way around the entire enclosure. Talk about enthusiasm.

 There are other foodie events going on this summer, soo if you're in the London area check out their webpage.


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