Solidarity Challenge: The Final Day - Toronto Edition by @AliaK_

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Day 7 has come and gone and it was over before I knew it. Here's a very quick breakdown of day 7


  • Egg - $0.22


  • Rice - $0.22
  • Yam - $0.11
  • Mixed Vegetables - $0.15


  • Rice - $0.22
  • Yam - $0.11
  • Mixed Vegetables - $0.15

    total for the day: $1.18 ($0.07 under budget!)

 First I would like to thank everybody who donated to the Global Solidarity Challenge. Our team collectively raised $1,535.00 and the total amount raised was $46,028. These funds will be helping VIDEA support human rights programming in Africa. Secondly I would like to thank the Long Distance Neighbour herself Adrienne, for introducing me to the idea of the global solidarity challenge and inviting me to do it along with her.

Post Challenge Thoughts

Variety - They say "variety is the spice of life", but I now know that this phrase should really be "variety is a luxury to those who can afford it". With having access to all the world's foods at my fingertips (for a cost) it was difficult knowing that realistically, food variety is something of a luxury. When living below the poverty line the important thing to worry about is how many calories can you get for your money, not how many days in a row you have to eat rice.

Calories = Energy - A calorie literally is a measure of energy. Eating far fewer calories than my body needed not only lead to me loosing weight very quickly (5 lbs total over 7 days), but also being very tired. By day 4 I found myself less able to concentrate, and wanting to sleep about 10 hours a day. Having to do any significant labour on this type of diet would entirely deplete any energy I had.

Food Security - Throughout the week all I was thinking about was food; what food I could have, couldn't have, really wanted to have etc. It raised my awareness about what it must be like to constantly wonder what your next meal will be, how you will budget for it, or where it is coming from. I obviously was doing the challenge by choice, and not necessity and could never really know what it is like to wonder these things, but never the less those nagging thoughts were very real. For those who are interested you can check out The Global Food Security Index and see how your country fares.

Overall - Ultimately, it was challenging and incredibly rewarding. It wasn't anything like I expected it to be, but turned out to be a total success! Thanks for all the support and hopefully I'll see you again next year!



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