Solidarity Day 5 - Toronto Edition by @AliaK_

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 A lot of people I have told about the challenge seem to have the same reaction, and it is something like this:

"You're going to do what?! What will you eat?!"

To which I respond that they probably aren't aware about how much they can really get for $1.25. And that got me thinking. While this week I am living on $1.25 a day for all of my food, it occurred to me how expensive things can really be. So I came up with a list of things that you could get for around the same price of an entire day's worth of food.
  1. A medium coffee at Tim Hortons
  2. 1/4 of a latte from Starbucks
  3. A stamp to send a letter from Canada to USA
  4. Dollar drink days at McDonalds
  5. Bubbles at Dollarama
  6. A chocolate bar
  7. A song/app on iTunes
  8. A donut
  9. 1 can of tuna (on sale)
  10. 1 box of Kraft Dinner
 If you can think of others please leave them in the comments below!

Like I said in my post from Day 4 today I was taken out to lunch for a work function. Looking at the menu I tried to pic something that was nutritious and not too expensive (to keep in spirit with the challenge). What really struck me was that the least expensive thing on the menu was a side of white rice for $2.00! That's still $0.75 over an entire day's budget.

Today is way under budget because my lunch was paid for so that puts me at $0.14 for a banana and $0.56 for dinner (I'm having the same thing as dinner on day 2).

As the week is winding to a close I find myself wondering what life would be like if I wasn't doing this out of solidarity, but out of necessity. Now that I'm just about done day 5 I seem to be getting used to eating little and the same things often. I can't say I will be missing this when it is over, but I can say that going back will be difficult and that everything will taste a little sweeter and I'll be a lot more mindful about what I'm spending my dollars on.


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