Solidarity Day 6 - Toronto Edition by @AliaK_

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Now that the solidarity challenge is just about over, I'm really starting to get into the habit of things. I can tell approximately how much a portion will
cost me and while strolling through a store I can't help but portioning things out into $1.25 a day meal options. 

Unfortunately my Internet has gone down  buy thankfully I have the power of mobile phones. 

Day 6:

Breakfast - banana $0.14
Lunch - 
  • Rice ($0.11)
  • Lentils ($0.08)
  • Garlic ($0.01)
  • Zucchini ($0.15)
  • Yam ($0.11)
Dinner - the same as lunch 

In order to have yams and zucchini and lentils in one meal I needed to cut my rice, lentil and zucchini portions in half. Despite having less food I was completely full for the day! Only one day to go! 


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