Solidarity Day 2 - Toronto Edition by @AliaK_

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I am not a vegetarian. I've dabbled in cutting out meat here and there, but I always come back to animal protein as a staple food choice. During this challenge the biggest change for me is that I have had to cut meat (along with dairy) from my diet entirely.

That however has not stopped me from making delicious meals that fit my $1.25 a day budget and I have a new found respect for those eating vegan and making yummy things.



A Banana - $0.14. That's it. Just a banana.





Remember that delicious stirfry I made for dinner on day one? it served me for two meals and I brought it for lunch the next day!
  •  rice noodles ($0.20)
  •  zucchini ($0.30)
  •  green onion ($0.03)
  •  garlic ($0.01)
  • bok choy ($0.04)



A bit of a mish mash of things but it was incredibly delicious and did not having me missing meat even a little bit!
  • White Rice($0.22)
  • Lentils ($0.15)
  • Lemon ($0.06)
  • Mint ($0.01)
  • Garlic ($0.01)
  • Roasted sweet potatoes ($0.11)
This meal has also been divided into two (the prices listed are for just dinner; lunch tomorrow will be the same.
Grand total for day 2: $1.28 only 3 cents over!



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