Global Solidarity Challenge Day 2- The Luxury of Choosing Your Food

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I learned during day 2 of this challenge that it turns out I'm not very good at eating because I'm hungry. Since becoming a grown-up able to make my own food choices, I eat what I like. If I don't have food that I like, my inclination is just to not eat anything at all. Obviously if you are truly hungry this isn't something you can choose to do so I'm trying not to take this route. I feel a bit like a kid who has to eat what is put in front of her. Makes you realize what a luxury being able to have choose what you eat really is.

Breakfast - Tshs 494 + $0.10 for Tea
So we are eating our Mandazi which is holding up okay along with a banana. I also milked everything I could out of my tea bag for the morning

Lunch - Tshs 513
So we had our leftovers from the meal before. Not bad but not particularly appetizing cold. 

Dinner - Tshs 520
For dinner we cooked up some beans with Tanzanian sweet potatoes. The meal was definitely filling but the potatoes were really quite dry and it was all very boring. We've got the same thing again for lunch tomorrow and I don't think having it sit in a container overnight is going to particularly help.

So far I'm not feeling too hungry though I have a bit of a cold so that is helping to dull my hunger a bit. We'll see whether that will still help come Day 3!


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